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Old School New School and a lot of BADASS

**Traci n I have been busy lately; we work for "Quick Throttle Magazine" (QT) and I build and repair motorcycles. I am in the process of rebuilding my website.  The event below was pertaining to Sturgis 2013. The event we covered was the; "6th annual Legend Run" benefiting The Special Olympics-The Event started in Deadwood and ended at "The Buffalo Chip" in Sturgis. Our article and pictures of this event will be in the Sept QT issue.
We did a film for "The Travel Channel" with the world famous "Betty Bike". KEEP AN EYE OUT! Perry n Traci > PNCC

I have a love for motor cycles that dates back to when I was 12yr. Thats when I saved enough money , from my paper route, to buy my first minibike. This was against my parents wishes. I had plenty of rode rash to show for my need for speed and daredevil acts. Almost 40yrs later I decided to build a one of a kind throwback bike that mixes oldscool bobbers with newer motors and mechanics that make for a powerfull ride. I bring my bikes to Sturgis and other ralleys to see if I had somthing others want. Still not my main sourse of income, like most other builders. In Sturgis(2007) I parked my 30' trailor on Thunder Road along with some of the best builders in the world. While in South Dakoda, I found, every time I drove one of my creations into downtown Sturgis, for a drink of coffee or grub, there would be a crowd of people around my bike. I won a trophy at the Rats Hole bike show that year... I will be selling these bikes. Please Call or Text for prices. I build 2- main types: 1) I really love the motors/trans on the sportsters, I widen stock frames or use new frames and always use wide white-wall tires and wide front-ends. My powdercoated bloodred harley rodewinder rims really add a nice touch. 2) Full size Twincam or Big twin, raked at least 10 over stock, with springer or tubes, I have several bikes to chose from: hardtail,softail, and a dyna type poco frame with a ton of springs. I will build u one if u like, I will listen to suggestions at beginning of build only, any changes later are add-on charge plus modification charge. In other words do your research first if i'm building your bike. I will upload more pictures soon> thanks for your support. Perry (Phoenix, Arizona USA) 602-267-1778 homeoffice/602-410-1778cell-

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